Mom creates adorable pictures of her sleeping baby daughter! So so cute!


This mom has a very nice imagination! She saw her little baby on the bed and tried to do something interesting with it!

Who said that little kids are the only ones who can have fun whenever they want? If you are creative enough, you can find a source of inspiration in almost every situation, even when your baby sleeps. However, it will take a lot of effort and dedication to bring every new idea into life without waking up your little one.

Meet Laura Izumikawa, a Los-Angeles based photographer, wife, and mother. When her little girl, Joey, was around 4 moths old, Laura has developed this amazing idea of dressing up the kid during her sleep.

The woman posted the first photos of her sleeping yet fully dressed up baby on Instagram, and the pictures went viral.

»Exactly one year ago when I realized I could put stuff on her face while she napped. It was a game changer. It was also when Pokémon Go was EVERYWHERE and people were walking around all over town like zombies.»

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